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Roccavione (ZIP 12018) is 11 kilometers far from the town of Cuneo, that is the Chief Town of the homonymous province to whom Roccavione belongs.

Main Data

Region: PiemonteProvince: Cuneo (CN)
Population: 2,761 ab.(Istat 2016)Previous years: 2.876 (2011) - 2.791 (2001) - 2.786 (1991)
Surface: 19,15 Km2Population density: 142,40 people per Km2
Istat Code: 004192Cadastral Code: H453
Name of the ihabitants: RoccavionesiMost common surname: Ghibaudo

Town of Roccavione

Mayor: Germana Avena (10/10/1953)Address: Via S. Croce 2, ZIP 12018 Roccavione CN
Phone: 0171 767108Fax: 0171 767108.
E-Mail sindaco@comunediroccavione.itPec: (pec)
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Municipal revenue: Municipal revenue in RoccavioneMunicipal expenditures: Municipal expenditures in Roccavione

Geographical Data

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The province of Cuneo

Elevation: 646 meters
Min. elevation: 603 meters
Max. elevation: 1.474 meters
Range: 871 meters
Latitude: 44.315632 N
Longitude: 7.483613 E

Personal Data (Istat 2016)

Celibes 613

Celibes 3D

Married Males 666

Married Males 3D

Divorced Males 57

Divorced Males 3D

Widowers 41

Widowers 3D



Nubiles 473

Nubiles 3D

Married Females 668

Married Females 3D

Diverced Females 50

Diverced Females 3D

Widows 193

Widows 3D



Newborns Males 10 Newborns Females 7 Ultracentenary Males 1 Ultracentenary Females 0

Neighboring municipalities of Roccavione ordered for increasing distances from Roccavione:

Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN) (1.6), Robilante (CN) (3.2), Roaschia (CN) (5.6), Boves (CN) (5.6), Valdieri (CN) (7.9),

In the territory of Roccavione also rise the villages of Brignola (3,79 km), Case sparse (-- km), Tetto Battista Massa (1,82 km), Tetto Cherro (2,31 km), Tetto Ghigo (2,21 km), Tetto Giordana (1,48 km), Tetto Giulia (2,63 km), Tetto Nuovo (2,37 km), Tetto Parachetto (3,70 km), Tetto Piano (2,76 km), Tetto Sales (1,53 km), Vallon Grande (2,40 km).

The number in parentheses indicates the distance in kilometers between the village and the municipality of Roccavione.